iPhone 7 launch Video | iPhone 7 launch Live Streaming Online | iPhone 7 Price in India

Wednesday will be the big day for tech World, because world’s most awaited smart phone, sorry iPhone 7 launch day. The Company CEO Tim Cook will launch this phone as usual. before the lauch many rumours spread all around the features of iPhone 7. recently we share the leaked picture of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. after the leaks for these pictures of iPhone 7, market fill with demand of iPhone 7 that’s the brand value of Apple.


you have many questions in your mind regarding iPhone 7 launch. we will give your every questions answers.

iPhone 7 launch date | iPhone 7 launch video | iPhone 7 launch Live Streaming Online

When iPhone 7 launch take place? what time Start?

guys if you are big fan of Apple iPhone then you should be the part of this launch event. every body can’t be part of this event, but we can enjoy the launch with live streaming online. the event launch on 7 September on Wednesday. Event will start at 10 PDT or pacific time. if you are from india then event will start on 10.30 IST(Indian Standard Time). So, guys be prepared for this event.

Where to Watch iPhone 7 launch Live Streaming Online or How?

The giant Apple always streamed its main events live for all customers and media to watch. The Live Streaming link available on the official website of the event, Apple uses its own HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. if you are already a apple customers like you have iPhone, iPad or MAC then you can enjoy the live streaming on Safari browser if your device running iOS7.0 or later.

If you don’t have the Apple device, can’t Watch Live Stream?

there is no need to worry, if you don’t have apple  device then ok. Still you can watch the launch event at your PC whatever your OS. Apple upload the videos after the event.

Where is launch Event?

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco

7000 people will part of this event along with expert and media.

So, guys  get ready for this event. if you have any questions then please ask in comment box.


iPhone 7 plus release date extended | Price detail | Features | News

Apple will soon launch the iPhone7 and iPhone7s, along with the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone7s or may be the iPhone 7 Pro. Apple will surely launch 2 phones according to the last couple of years launching. The iPhone 7 Pro is kind of a so-so deal. The iPhone 7 has always been one of the most awaited phones of the year and while this time around, not much is expected to change on the hardware, Software will give us updates of the coolest features that Apple has given the world since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.


The Apple iPhone 7 is coming at a time when Apple is facing struggle somewhat in the world market. iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, which are the minor updated version of the older iPhone 6, didn’t really give the boost of apple phones sales. The biggest competitor Samsung Company launches its Galaxy7 this smartphone performing really well.

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There are a lot of trade analysis predict that iPhone 7 will earn repo for Apple and customer trust. Rumors hint that this phone will come with unique features and bolster out of the box some of those areas where Samsung seems to have taken a lead. In the short sentence we definitely iPhone 7 will build its own market.

Apple is status symbol for people and its famous worldwide. people really crazy about this phones especially students who are really aware for this stuff. Education blogs really performing well to aware students for current update in the world.

iPhone 6S = iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is expected to look similar to the iPhone 6S according to the leaked photos of iPhone 7. All features are same in hardware section like 3.5 jack and screen width. There is little bit improvement in battery that will good news for iPhone Lovers. It gives some unique features in Software Part.


There is not certain information regarding iPhone 7 price. In India, the iPhone 6S has been priced at Rs 62,000, individual. According to the leaked photos, iPhone 7 look like iPhone 6s. there is a little change in the mobile body. It will be cost 70,000 rupees in India.


The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus will launch on September 7. Or at least that is the date strongly rumoured. The phone will go on pre-order soon after that with expected deliveries and market availability from September 16. In India, the phone is likely to launch around the end of September or early October but a lot depends on the demand and supply situation. If the demand for the iPhone 7 is high, India launch may get pushed forward.

iPhone7s release date rumors

iPhone7s release date 2016

iPhone7s Price

iPhone7s Features

iPhone7s leaked Photos


iPhone7s release date | iPhone Images | iPhone7s News, Price, Features

Iphone7 will be the top most selling phone for Apple franchise, because the people are very crazy about this gadget. before the release of Apple iPhone7 got very attraction because of it’s leaked photos. there is not an official announcement yet of release date. everybody has a question in their mind what is the release date of iPhone7s Smartphone.


iPhone7s Leaked Photos

Images credited to Google Images


Apple iPhone7s release date

iPhone7s release date may be 23 September or later it. Many rumored date in market regarding launching the Iphone7 such as 7 September. Apple launches an announcement state regarding look for Iphone7 in later of September. As follow the previous iPhone event launching date, it may be approximate the mid of September. Iphone6 event anticipated on 16 September 2015, Order booking for Iphone7 started on 23 September.

iPhone7s rumors | News

New information comes in the form of an AT&T leaked retail schedule, detailing forthcoming merchandising reset hours. The guide calls out 9 September and 23 September as dates for merchandising resets. This guide hint that advertising for pre-order could be prepared for 9 September as expected and iPhone7 new models could hit the market on 23 September, a week after than previous time decided. iPhone7s release date will be the end of this September.

Apple Iphone Background history say the same condition of releasing date as follow the Iphone6. Iphone6 launch on 25 September 2014 later a 12 September pre-order (7 days).  So the difference in days of pre-order and launch may be one or two weeks.

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iPhone7s release date rumors

iPhone7s release date 2016

iPhone7s Price

iPhone7s Features

iPhone7s leaked Photos


Apple iPhone 7s release date, Price, Features, Leaked Images, Specs

World’s largest Smartphone Company Apple will release its dream phone in the start of September according to the tech expert. Apple Company haven’t officially announce about the release date of the iPhone 7. Apple phone is very popular around the world, it becomes as status symbol. According to the trade analysis Apple will launch only iPhone 7 but many of says that company will launch both mobiles iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s as well just like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s was released.

iphone7s-images iphone-7-blue

Pictures Sources – Google Images

iPhone 7s release date declared

Apple Company holds 45% market of Smartphones, so we can calculate how people are very crazy about this iPhone7s. You can check the google trends that how people are searching updates regarding iPhone 7s. People daily searching about the rumors of iPhone7s, Specs, Price, Features and release date.

We always heard a rumor about the iPhone 7 release date, its feature and its Design. Now we tell you that all the rumors are going to be real.

Yes, iPhone 7 will be going to release in 16 September, 2016.

Now we tell you all about the iPhone 7 like its feature, battery, camera, Ram, Storage and what’s new in this.

At first we tell you,” what’s new in this iPhone 7”:

  • With this handset there ‘No Headphone jack’ in this iPhone. Its mean in iPhone 7 have been wireless earphone.
  • IPhone 7 has 1960mAh Li-PO battery. In iPhone 6s has a1715mAh battery who less than iPhone 7.
  • IPhone 7 design similar with iPhone 6.
  • IPhone 7 Plus has a dual – lens camera.
  • IPhone 7 antenna bands were redesigned.
  • IPhone 7 launch with 2 screen sizes.
  • Aobusly iPhone 7 launches with upgraded processor.

Now we talk more about iPhone7 lets see its important specification first

  • Network Technology   GSM/CDMA/EVDO/HSPA/LTE
  • Launch date              16 September, 2016
  • Display                       5.5-inch panel, 2K or Quad-HD screen


  • Platform OS                  iOS10
  • Chipset                         Apple A10
  • Internal Memory           16/32/64GB
  • RAM                             3GB
  • Camera  12 MP, phase detection autofocus, f/2.2, 29mm, dual-LED flash.
  • Loudspeaker 2 set of Stereo Speakers.
  • Battery  1960 mAh.
  • Colors   Gold, Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold